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Welcome to a very fantasic warrior cats roleplay. It was create by friends. Please have a good time and if you have any troubles report it to one of the Admins as soon as possible. Thank you~ (:

im new and heres my kitty

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im new and heres my kitty

Post by Nightbreeze on Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:08 am

name: Frostspirit (aka snow)
gender: female
age: 12 moons
rank: warrior(if i join a clan) or a rouge
description: shes a large smooth and sleek Maine coon part clouded leopard (depending if its allowed). she has long mane like fur around her neck and on the top of her head. she has shorter fur on her main body, her legs and tail have long fur like the fur around her neck and she has huge paws sharp fangs and hawk like claws. shes mostly white with black and teal green (if not allowed its gold) markings. her eyes are the same teal green. (ill be putting up a picture soon to show the marking patterns)
history: born as a kitty pet she hated the lonely life and ran away tearing off the collar and disappears from her home. Frostspirit being rather scared kept to herself in fear of the wild cats and slowly trained herself to survive. she grew in strength and in power as she constantly battled for life. she began to develop fighting skills that used not just her claws and teeth but also her tail. being light on her feet she was quick even for her size. she slowly turned from being a loner to a full out rouge but was and still is looking for a clan that would except her without attacking her first. so now she roams alone and as a rouge searching for a place to live in company

thats all i have. i hope some excepts her. that and i hope i didn't post anything wrong. cat

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