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Eaglepaw's Family Tree

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Eaglepaw's Family Tree

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:48 pm

Father's Side:
Grandmother:Penny(DEAD)-Reserved,aggressive,loving penny colored she-cat with orange eyes,died of old age

Grandfather:Copper(DEAD):Aggressive,prickly Yellow/orange tom with shocking blue eyes.They say he's a PERFECT match for Penny,died of old age

Mother's Side:
Grandmother:Finch/Finchpelt (Rouge/Warrior,DEAD)- Pretty shy,soft-spoken,prickly, bright yellow she-cat with golden colored eyes.Died of old age

Grandfather:Robinstar (One of the dead leaders of Beatclan)-Handsome Grey tom with lighter grey spots and a bright red colored chest.Green eyes.Died of old age

Thrushpelt's side:
Grandmother:Feathertail(DEAD)-Beautiful shy silver she-cat with a long,feathery tail.Died in the gorge

Grandfather:Snaketounge- Very prickly,arrogent,and impatient brown tabby tom with lighter and darker markings.Even Starclan may not know what Feathertail saw in him.He died with his mate,after committing suicide and jumping in the gorge shortly after she fell.

Prince's Side:

Grandmother:Queenie/Queen(DEAD)Respected,caring Regal looking White she-cat with yellow eyes.Died of old age.

Grandfather:King(DEAD):Caring Regal looking Black tom with Yellow eyes.Died of old age

Mother: Birdfeather(DEAD)-Pretty Energetic Brown colored she-cat with grey streaks around her legs.Amber eyes

Jay/Jayeyes(rouge/warrior/rouge,DEAD)-Aggressive,prickly Creamy yellow tabby tom with shocking blue eyes.Died when Robinstar caught him stealing his kits.

Thrushpelt(DEAD)-Handsome loving and kind yellow tabby tom with Amber eyes.Adopted the kits,was killled trying to protect his new mate and many adopted kits.

Prince(DEAD,first mate of Birdfeather,had kits with her moons after her first litter were born)-Serious,dark,caring black tom with yellow eyes. Was very kind to birdfeather,died because of 3 badgers.

First litter:

Starkkit(Needs rp)- A prickly,assertive yet loyal tom that looks exactly like robinstar,only with a white chest.Blue eyes,looks up to his father.

Thrushpaw(Lost)-A Clever,prickly and shy Creamy yellow tom with amber eyes

Crowpaw(Lost)-A gentle,arrogent,reckless black tom with blue eyes

Robinkit(Lost)-Reckless,daredevil-like brown tabby she-cat with a red chest.

Sparrowkit(Lost)-Impatient,Stubborn tom.Exactly like his mother.


Second Litter:

Falcon(Needs RP)-Aggressive,loyal,deadly tom.Looks exactly like Eaglepaw.
Hawk(Needs RP)-Respected,prickly,loyal grey tabby tom with a brown splash of color above his nose.Yellow eyes
Vulture(Needs RP)-Energetic,Assertive,slightly cowardly black tom.



Splash(kittypet)-Easily convinced black and white tom with blue eyes

Ying(Kittypet)-Nice,shy,soft-spoken White she-cat with blue eyes.

Yang(Kittypet)-Mean,out-going,full of himself.A Black tom with blue eyes.

Spike(Loner,DEAD) Friendly brown tabby tom with green eyes.Has a collor with a spike in it.Died while swimming in a river,Falcon trapped him under the water while playing,when he finally got out Falcon was sorry but spike was sick,later spike died of Greencough. Falcon never was the same afterwards.


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