Warrior Cats RolePlay
Welcome to a very fantasic warrior cats roleplay. It was create by friends. Please have a good time and if you have any troubles report it to one of the Admins as soon as possible. Thank you~ (:

------Cromehs 9 lives-------

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------Cromehs 9 lives-------

Post by Cromestar on Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:31 pm

*pads in shakily* *lies down and presses my nose against the crystal*

1st life: Courage from DoveFeather (aunty)
2nd life: Justice from GorgeFoot (mentor)
3rd life: Loyalty from Daisy (another aunty)
4th life: Energy from Spike (friend)
5th life: Protection from Heather (dead cousin)
6th life: Mentoring from BladeStar (a leader of my Grandfathers clan)
7th life: Compassion from AshPelt (the warrior who lead me into the clans)
8th life: Love from PoppyHeart (the queen who watched over me)
9th life: Faith from Lila (yet another aunty)

*wakes up looking even more shaky* *stands and returns to HillClan*

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