Warrior Cats RolePlay
Welcome to a very fantasic warrior cats roleplay. It was create by friends. Please have a good time and if you have any troubles report it to one of the Admins as soon as possible. Thank you~ (:


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Post by Duskdrift on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:36 am

These rules are new as of 11/9/2010 (Eastern American Date)

The first rule, and the GOLDEN rule, is that ALL RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED.
I felt the need to mention that first off, as to get it through to anyone who didn't feel the need to read it. It's the most important rule that can be made, and follow it, or you'll be in heaps of trouble.

So, now to the main point, I'll list quite a few REASONABLE rules, that everyone must follow.

Everyone wants to have fun role playing. Here are a few instructions to insure that all the people here really do have fun.

1. Be respectful. (I cannot stress this enough. Do not disrespect another member, if they disrespect you, report them. They will be dealt with quickly)
2. Do not God-Mod. (You may have heard about this many times, but no matter how much it is mentioned, there is always someone who does not get the point.)
God-Modding- This happens when one person presents them self as 'invincible', 'all-powerful', 'can't die Rolling Eyes ', etc.
God-Modding also happens when someone takes control of another person's character. Some examples are, *Kills you* (I shouldn't have to say this but, I feel it is necessary: THAT IS STUPID. It is ridiculous, un-realistic, wimpy, childish, etc. etc.! DO NOT POST THAT ANYWHERE. This also counts as: 'She kills him', or '*insert charrie here* kills *insert charrie here*') *Takes you by the scruff so you cannot get free, and holds you down* Everyone wants their character to be special, and no one would let their character give up like this. Their character may be very flexible or strong, maybe both, and they could get out of this situation easily, but you've condemned them as a hostage. Try not to do this, it slips by un-noticed by even the author, though the "victim" realizes it, they may not say anything. Please remember not to post anything like this, it kind of shows that your character is better than the other persons', when the other person may not want things that way. It is best if you both go your own ways.

Now, this list of examples looks very long, but it's only my explanations that are making it that way. I like things to be clear.

Please don't think this is unbearable to read, I know; you just got home and you expect to have a good time roleplaying. Before you can do this though, make sure these rules are stuck in your head so you CAN keep roleplaying here.

I'm sorry I had to post these up, I know it's a bother but it's entirely necessary.

3. No too un-realistic characters. (Purple, pink, or other exotic fur colors. Color-changing eyes, two tails (????), etc.)
4. No powers. (Dreams from StarClan are allowed, just don't over do it.)
5. If you get a prophecy from StarClan don't drag people into it who don't want to be in it, and those who do want to be in it don't want to be bossed around. Therefore, don't restrict the other role players of your prophecy to role playing how you like to roleplay, everyone has their own style.
6. On the whole part, try not to roleplay TOO un-realistically. I understand that many people here have cats with strong connections, friends from other clans (Not too close guys, don't over-do this forbidden-love thing.), or maybe they're with kits, one died, or maybe they are about to have their kits and they're in the wild somewhere and need help.

Guys, if there's a person online that has posted that they're in trouble, please don't ignore them. Help em' out, kay? Don't let your fellow role players feel rejected because no one would roleplay with them.

And those of you who get your roleplay character in trouble alot, try not to do that, alright? It gets on people's nerves to come to your aid all of the time, they've got things they must do with their own characters. By saying this, and please note, I don't mean to stop all of the drama. I just mean lay off it a bit. Too much won't make anyone like you.

Well, that's all for now. I will be posting up ALOT more rules soon enough, but I don't have as much time as I though I did right now, whoops!

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