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Welcome to a very fantasic warrior cats roleplay. It was create by friends. Please have a good time and if you have any troubles report it to one of the Admins as soon as possible. Thank you~ (:

Rogue she-cat looking for mate

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Rogue she-cat looking for mate Empty Rogue she-cat looking for mate

Post by Sagewhisper on Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:43 am

Tigerblaze (kept name from previous RP website. Left when mate died)
Lovely white she-cat with dark stripes looking for a dependable, caring tom.
Wants mate who will love kits!
Kits(from previous RP website:
Sage-pretty she-cat tortoishell with dark blue eyes and a calm personality (adopted)
Mist- white she-cat with slightly darker ears and paws
Pebble-pale gray tom with darker strips

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