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My warriors story!!

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My warriors story!!

Post by Cromestar on Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:24 pm

I was sick and had to go to work with my dad so I ended up writing this..
If you like it please say so because then I will write some more!!!

White pelt shone in the moon-light. A small kitten sat on the fence looking out at the world beyond her garden. The area was like a bigger version of her food bowl she thought but there was no crunchy dry food instead trees a lake and mountains. "Lila" The kit turned her head to look down the back of the fence at her sister. "Kari I will come in soon" Kari flicked her her nervously "well don't be late". Lila watched her sister run back into the house and shook her head. She sat there a bit longer before taking a deep breath and following Kari inside. From high up in a tree a cat sturred, the cats dark pelt didn't catch the moon-light but the cats golden eyes shone brightly as the cat disappeared into the forest.

WOW I've never seen the forest so silent before. Lila sit in the sun the fence steady and strong under her paws. I wonder what living in a clan would be like, I had heard stories about the clans all from my mother as we are ditant realayives of the house cat to join the clans since FireStar who joined ThunderClan, but ThunderClan was way past the mountains. EclipseGaze was deputy before she was banished because the leader believed she had murdered one of the senior warriors. She hadn't but she left StreamClan and joined MoonClan where she became their Medicine Cat, then retired to a warrior. Lila had always wanted to join a clan. "Lila" Kari again interupted her day-dreaming "I'm going in-side now are you coming?" Lila sighed "I will soon." She watched Kari disappear and make sure she wasn't coming back before jumping off the fance and running full-pelt towards the forest. She stopped and start to climb one of the trees. She climbed higher, maybe if I get high enough I can see one of the clans camps! Lila shivered with excitment and begin to jump from branch to branch. She sat looking over the territory. She was so obsored in looking that she didn't notice the bird land behind her, it swquaked in alarm and flew off. At the sudden noise and movement of the bird Lila jumped but didn't land on the branch again instead landing flat on her back on the ground with a sickening crunch before everything went black. The kit fell and hit the ground with a thud and a crunch. GoldenStar waited to see if the kit was going to stand up by her-self beforing flicking his tail to tell his patrol they were allowed to inspect the area. A gray tabby she-cat ran forward in front of the others and stood over Lila inspecting her. She pushed her over with her nose and lifted her head and looked at GoldenStar "she's no threat only about three moons I would say." GoldenStar nodded his head slowly and looked up at the rest of the patrol "we will take her back to camp and let ShinPelt to look at her." A tom stepped forward "WHAT?!?!? take a kitty-pet back to camp." GoldenStar nodded "if you were watching closely you would know why" he left the patrol and headed back into the undergrowth. The tom softly hissed and walked over to the she-cat and Lila. He looked her over, shrugged and picked her up by her scruff before following GoldenStar and the rest of the patrol.

Lila opened her eyes everything was fuzzy and she felt dizzy. As her sight came slowly back she realized she was lying on her side and looking at a wall brambles. She tried to sit up but she lay down again as it hurt her head. She smelt plants, lots of them. She tried to move into a more comfortable position but ended up falling into a small pool of water. A laugh came from somewhere behind a giant stack of plants. Lila forced her-self up and peered at the stack. A small silver cat padded out from the plants her green eyes dancing as she laughed. Lila found her-self giggling. Lila stood up and padded to where the silver cat was sitting. "Where am I and who are you?" The silver cat smiled "I'm ShinPelt and your in MoonClan camp." Lilas eyes widen she was in a clans camp? "wow" Lila whispered "did you know EclipseGaze?" ShinPelt shook her head "but there are alot of tales about her..why do you ask?" Lila sat up proudly "because I'm her kin!" ShinPelt grinned "well you should fit right in then" ShinPelt took a herb off the big stack and placed it on one of the smaller piles. "I will take you to FernDot and she will show you around the camp" ShinPelt padded out a small gap in the bramble wall. Lila followed, she squeezed through the hole with the bramble thorns pulling at her fur. She followed ShinPelt to another bramble wall that enclosed a small bush. ShinPelt and Lila walked through the entrance. Two she-cats lay in nests made of moss and feathers. One she-cat a tortoiseshell was curled around two small ginger kits they were all sleeping. The other she-cat was a gray tabby she was making her nest. She looked up and smiled at Lila.

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Re: My warriors story!!

Post by Iceclaw5468 on Tue May 10, 2011 2:52 am

It's great! Keep ongoing! Razz

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